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About Us

Cityview Roofing is small roofing company, geared to doing small industrial/ commercial new construction, reroofing and service work. Cityview also installs various different roofing systems for residential customers. We have been in business for 6 years under the Cityview name. At any one time the company has 10-12 employees We work mostly in the Greater Toronto Area, but not limited to that should the need arise to go out of town. The benefit of working with a small roofing company is the greater time and attention we can give to our clients needs. We pride ourselves on working closer with our customers to be sure we understand their individual needs and supply a custom solution meeting those needs. A happy and satisfied customer will provide you with referrals and future work.

Cityview Roofing is made up of a group of guys which carry a wealth of experience from various firms, large and small. Our staff is compensated properly in order to motivate them to work safely and efficiently. When we undertake a project, we aim to do it properly to prevent having call backs and return visits. Our focus is on safety, speed, professional workmanship and quality of material. Those are the components which make the difference between success and failure. Our prices are not the cheapest on the street in straight dollar terms, but are inexpensive relative to the value you receive. Roofing is one of those “get what you pay for” situations. The value you are looking for include things like courteous service, site management with respect to mess and noise levels during a project, quality and tidiness of the workmanship, safety, speed, and cleanup. Cityview is fully insured for liability and WSIB. References are available upon request.